Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Todd Makes Me Faster...

I have been chasing after Todd El Presidente', for about 5 years now. Todd is the benchmark for a lot of us in the area. I remember showing up for the Tuesday night ride and only being able to hang on for 15 minutes. I never stopped coming out and every week I was able to hang on a little longer.

Todd is also the reason I have gotten a lot smoother. Last nights ride was one for the record books. It started with Matt run Forrest and I putting in a very brisk hour and a half before meeting up with the group, and what a group it was. Besides the 3 of us you had, fatmarc, Once a week Paul, Green Trek John, Fort James, Les the International Man of Mystery, Brent the Ti Domi of cross, Slick Rik the Ruler, and Jay Jay. Todd was relentless, it was one attack after the other. While flying around the Judge, Todd looked back and said, " Nice Little gap, Huh". After that I think the ride got even faster. We flew through Middle Run on our way to White Clay, all the time I was expecting Todd to back down a little, but he never did.

After about two and a half hours Matt and I bailed. From what I hear the pace stayed frisky the rest of the ride. In the end I ended up with just shy of 3 blistering hours. Not too bad for a Tuesday night.


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are doing well! Tyler and I miss you... If you get a sec please e-mail us!