Sunday, June 11, 2006

Marsh Creek and More...

Saturday night Rachael and I met up with Les the International Man of Mystery and his wife Kathleen. Les had heard me talk about the Half Moon a lot so that is where we went. It was fun we all had delicious burgers, they all went with the buffalo while I chose the ostrich burger, and the beer was flowing continuously. After dinner the Leech family came back to our house for more beer and some cycling on TV. A really good night.

Marc trying out an alternate line before the race.

Today was a nice little race that just happened to be less than half an hour from my house. Rachael came along and even brought her bike. She had no interest in racing but she did do a little riding around the lake.
We had a large showing from our little cycling community. I was joined my fellow Spot Whores, fatmarc, and Matt run Forrest, plus Diane, Fort James, Mike Conair, Brad, Thayer and a bunch of the Beans boys showed up.

Diane had a good ride, I think she was a little disappointed but she still had fun. James took 2nd in his sport race, and Mike won the 45+ expert.

19 - 34 Podium Matty, Kevin (who just wanted to be on the blog) and Matt V.

My race went like this, be sure to checkout fatmarc for more,
1st lap, Marc is riding really strong right now so I wanted to try and spring him off the front. I didn't tell him that but I think he caught on. I led the way into the woods and up the first climb, once Marc came around me I tried to settle in and recover.

This was not a single speed course lots of flat open fire road stuff. I was riding with Andrew for a while but managed to get away from him and came trough in about 4th.

Lap 2, I get caught by Rolf on the flats but quickly caught and passed him on the last climb.

Lap 3, Still feeling OK and playing this cat and mouse game with Rolf and Mike, a 19 - 34 guy. Rolf eventually gets away from me.

Lap 4, It is starting to hurt, I just want to stay consistent and try to bring back Rolf on the last climb. It didn't work out for me. I was having an issue with my brake lever, it was loose, while trying to move it where I wanted it I broke my pop lock lever. I have never been one that can multi task, but when I got to the section I walked every lap I was able to retrieve my multi tool from my camel back, tighten my lever, put the tool away, put my camel back on, and never stopped walking.

Last Lap. I am not going to catch anybody else, but I know Andrew is not far behind so Kept the pace as fast as I could. Which at this point wasn't all that impressive. I ended up 5th and only a couple of minutes behind Marc who took 2nd after a tough battle with Thayer.

This was a way fun low key grass roots race. Rachael even said everyone that came through had a smile on there face.

The best was still to come. After the race Marc, Diane, Matt, Rachael and myself went to Victory for some awesome nachos, Pizza, and of course some of the finest beer around. A great weekend indeed. Plus we were home by 4:00 today, how often can you do a bike race, then got to the Victory brewery, and still get home early. How sweet it is.


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active brit said...

Ahhhh, several pints of the sweet amber nectar at the end of a gnarly one.. Its also the ritual over here in the UK, some stonking traditional ales and foreign lagers washed down by a huge plate of bangers and mash dripping with onion gravy followed by Devonshire cream custard and apple pie.. Just wouldn't be biking without a proper apres drinking and munching fest..

Keep the biking and drinking vibe going :o)