Saturday, June 10, 2006

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me...

That look say it all.

Today I met up with Les the International Man of Mystery for a little tour of Brandywine. Probably not the best pre-race ride, but it was about having fun. The ride started a bit shaky for me. First I burped my from tire on a log crossing, which the stan's sealed right backup. Then I managed to hook my lock out cable on branch, needless to say I stopped pretty fast. After that things settled down a bit and the ride was going well. Les took me on some stuff I have never been on before, really fun trails.

Up until today I was under the delusion that I had bike skills. To steal a line from Joey Thompson, I didn't feel like we were even in the same sport. Les is unbelievable in the technical stuff, he just makes it all look easy.

But like I was saying everything was going well until this happened:

Yes folks that was once a pair of titanium Jones H Bars. Luckily they broke while I was climbing and not bombing down hill. At least it explains the creaking I have been hearing lately. It is OK I just got a new pair, and they are on the bike and ready for tomorrow's race.




Jason said...

YIKES! Didn't know that could even happen! You're a beast!

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

geeez, I hope it's not a common thing. I just got my bars dialed in. What did Jeff say?