Monday, July 17, 2006


I seem to have issues with the MASS races this year. I have been kind of boycotting them since they took away the Elite Single Speed class, but that isn't the issue. I can't seem to finish one. I have always prided myself on being able to tough out a race even when things aren't going well. Yet I find myself with 3 DNF's this year. That is more than all the other years combined. Yesterday would be no exception. I had a good feeling a bout the Fair Hill race. I knew the course, I had a good week leading up to it, and I thought I could do well.

The competition was tough all the fast guys were there. I had a modest goal of top 20, which would have been out of 60. I knew the start was going to suck, 1.5 miles of flat double track. Sure enough I hit the single track in about 35th or so. Once into the single track I started moving up. I was hurting a bit and the mud wasn't helping, but I was still passing guys.
Then things started going bad. I was way over heated, it was 90 deg with 85% humidity. I couldn't catch my breath. I hit the tight twisty section called Crackhead Bob and just tried to back way off. I just couldn't seem to settle down. I hooked up with Andrew for a little while, but I stopped for a while and he rolled on.

I wasn't feeling any better, actually I was feeling worse. While rolling through 5 Bridges trail it all came apart. I started to see twinkling lights in front of my eyes, I was getting chills, and my legs were cramping. I know I was dehydrated, but I drank water all day the day before plus the morning of. Not to mention I drained half of my 100 oz. bladder. I decided to make it to the beer stop and call it a day. I found myself walking trails that just last week I was flying up. I was a bit worried, I have never felt this bad on a bike before. This was the Bonk from Hell.

I ran into Mike Yozell in South Park, he too was thinking of calling it a day. I met back up with him at the beer stop. We agreed to just limp back and call it a day. Mike had second thoughts and wanted to try and finish, I started to follow him but quickly turned around and headed back to the parking lot.

I was disappointed, but I also reallized I was not alone, many people decided to call it an early day as well.
There was some good stuff that came from this race. Katie Compton was in town and she raced the womens pro class. Not only did she destroy the competition, but she did it on her single speed. Also Elk brought some goodies to share with the rest of us. Not only did he bring some delicious philly pretzels, but he turned me on to some very good canned beer. He gave me a sampler of Sly Fox beers in cans. Finally a good beer I can take on a ride. Thanks Elk. I also want to say, nice job to fatmarc, he was ready to quit at one point. Instead he recovered and ended up having a great race.

I just hope this doesn't happen next week at Michaux, that is not the place to bonk.



tedlogic said...

your dnf add up to the races I've done this year.

Jason said...

That sucks man. De-Hydro is NOT fun though. Good move most likley. Had the same stuff back in June. Scary stuff.

Good luck. JM

gwadzilla said...

next week your head will be in a different place

have a great race

have fun with the moss covered rocks