Saturday, July 22, 2006

No Pressure...

During the early part of my race season my goal was pretty simple, Have Fun. Sure I was working hard and trying to do well, but I was more focused on enjoying the ride than the results. This approach was working well, I was having some really good races. With this mild success I started to put a lot of pressure on myself to continue to do well. This approach hasn't been working out for me. Rachael is always reminding me to just have fun, and last night I got a call from fatmarc, telling me the same thing. I think this advice may be starting to sink in. So tomorrow when I get up at 4:00am and make the 2.5 hour drive to Michaux it will be to have fun and enjoy riding some of the most technical trails around. Sure I will try to chase down the guy in front of me, but I will be doing it with a smile on my face no matter how much it hurts.


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