Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back On Track...

After last Sunday's race I didn't know what to expect. I went out Tuesday for a nice easy ride and felt OK but my legs were definitely still feeling it. Thursday night I hooked up with Matt run Forrest, Todd El Presidente', and Kurtee for a little Fair Hill action. I managed to get in about an hour before the group showed up. I as feeling much better. We rode pretty hard and I managed to get in just under 3 hours.

Now came the real test as to how well I am feeling. I met up with Elk and Les the International Man of Mystery for some more Fair Hill Fun. Les had a little plan to keep Elk from ripping our legs off today. He said that if we pushed the pace hard for the first half hour it might settle him down. I don't think it worked. Elk put together a nice loop. He sees the park different than us locals do, not in a bad way. The loop was super fun we came into trails in ways I didn't know even know were there.

Les and Elk enjoying a snack.

The pace of this ride was pretty fast the whole time. I was surprised to find myself being able to hang with these guys, don't get me wrong they put a gap on me a few times but never a huge one. I honestly think they were taking it easy on me. Elk let me take the lead coming up the Twilight Trail. I liked the idea because I know that trail really well and always seem to feel good on it. Today was no exception, I felt good coming up, but I think I shot my load on that trail. This turned out to be one of my best rides of the year. Les and Elk are fun to ride with and I got to see Fair Hill a whole new way.

When the ride was over we sat in fatmarc's front yard enjoying some fresh baked pretzels and some fine Sly Fox brews, both compliments of Elk.

Well I am off to dinner, I am taking Rachael out to the Spence Cafe in West Chester to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Wow 2 years of wedded bliss, well 2 years of being happily married.



Elk said...

Awesome ride, Buddy! It was definitely one of the best Fair Hill loops of the year. Glad you were able to make it.

Congratulations on your two year anniversary!

fatmarc said...

happy anniversery dude!

Buddy said...

Thanks Guys!