Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Surreal Ride...

Today's ride started off like most of our group rides. A handful of guys met at fatmarc's for a nice 3-4 hour tour of Fair Hill. The roll call included; fatmarc, K Man, Amazin Andrew, Kurtee, Les the International Man of Mystery and all the way from Dillsburg PA, Keith G Bobbies boy. Along the way we picked up Matt run Forrest, Todd El Presidente', and Jay Jay. Marc had a nice loop going and we were all really enjoying the nice weather and the great trail conditions. We stopped on Kenny's revenge snuck into the orchard and had some fresh apples. There was plenty of trash talking and joking going around.

Then about the midway point, Matt took a flier up the gravel road and turned left at the top. We are used to Matt's attacks so we proceeded to go straight. Then the freakiest thing happened, we kept waiting for Matt to come up behind us, but instead we saw him on the ground screaming. We all went back to see what it was. It was not good. While doing a routine turn around his foot slipped off the pedal and he took a big chunk out of the back of his calf. Todd immediately scream OH MY GOD and took off to call 911. Amazin Andrew took control of the situation and we all did our best to help our friend.

Matt handled it well, I think I would have totally lost it. It didn't take long for the jokes to start flying, what else do you do in a situation like this. The good news is there were EMTs in the park for a horse event so we had help there in no time. In the end Matt ended up with 24 or 25 stitches some inside and some outside, a splint and a pair of crutches. I don't think he got the sponge bath from the hot nurse I told him to request. You can see and read more here. I want to wish a fast recovery and you can feel free to comment to him here or at fatmarc's blog. I am sure he would appreciate it.


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Samantha said...

Surreal is the perfect word for when a great day goes freakish. I understand completely.