Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Muskrat...

I told you it was scary


Jason said...


I'm shocked at the fact that it's on the web. NOT at what that looks like. I'm sure I'll be raging some next week.

Man get him some A&D for that sore and some Nair for all that freaking hair!

Good blogging Buddy!

chunky monkey said...

Ha ha ha, that's awesome! I was looking for it yesterday.

ddubcyclist said...

Holy Shit!!!!You should clip that and you will have less irritation guaranteed. Looks like some serious pain.

IF Chicks said...

That looks so painful, but it also looks like a big red heart..you got a butt brand for free !

I hope it doesn't still look that red today. Icing the area would have helped during the race to cut down the inflammation.

poor chunky monkey has to look at that ass.

Chris said...

That is commitment...taking one for the team...playing hurt...whatever you want to call it.

Marc needs to keep that shit dry with some baby powder and maybe get some antibiotics...and get some new bike shorts.

David said...

My eyes, my eyyyyyyyyyes!!!

Frank Brigandi said...

I'm crying right now....Marc's ass looks like my Rottweiler that I had to pout down 2 years ago. I am sad now.

Squirrel said...

Holy shit ditto!! Man that is one hairy ass:) Lube...lube...lube:)