Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Little Dilemma...

I know this is going to sound a bit silly, but I am looking for some input. I am doing the Shenandoah Mountain 100 on Sunday. I will be riding my Spot Brand 29er single speed. My dilemma is, what gear do I run. I have heard a few different opinions on the matter. Some say run what you always run, because you would probably be walking some climbs anyway, plus you don't want to be spun out on the flats.

Others say, gear down, it is 100 miles with 13,000 ft of climbing after all. Normally when I race somewhere like Michaux, I gear down because most of the climbs are kind of steep. From what I am told most of the climbs at the SM100 are fire road some steep and some not so steep.

I realize I am putting too much thought into this, but I am a geek when it comes to that. I mean, I am not freaking out about it, but I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about it. You also have to consider this is my first 100 mile race, hell this will be the first time I have ever ridden any kind of bike 100 miles.

So I ask what few readers I may have, what do you think I should do? Run my normal gear or go just a little easier.

Looking forward to any kind of input,


Anonymous said...

run the gear you run for michaux and bring me beer.
the conqueror

Buddy said...

I always bring beer.


Elk said...

I'm a big advocate of run what ya brung. But considering your individual situation, I'm with the Conquerer. Run the gear you'd go with at Michaux. The climbs at the SM 100 aren't as steep, but they're much longer.

fatmarc said...

michaux gear.

5's a party! said...

I vote you use a tougher gear and enjoy the pain more!

michaux gear as well.

Anonymous said...

Buddy, good luck in the SM 100.
Rob Lamb

ExtrmTao said...

Hmmmmm gear ratio is not my specialty. This race will be my first hundie as well. One gear or many gears. . . Who knows but have no fear for there will be beer.

Jason said...

Can't help you Buddy, you know me I'm running the full 27!

Good luck though. Rember keep drinking and eating. AVOID THE BONK!

Good luck!


IF Chicks said...

Michaux gear...
you'll be great.
see you there.

Anonymous said...

Michaux Gear. Just eat at the check points.


Anonymous said...

stick with your regular gear. if you gear down you're going to be spinning like a maniac on the road sections. 2:1 is generally OK for a 26".

Samantha said...

I have no idea.
(**When I go to bike races my biggest decision is what size knitting needles to bring. Oh, the dilemmas of those who do not ride**)

Good luck with which ever gear you decide on!