Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally...

Some folks couldn't wait to start drinking.

Matt Run Forrest making his return to riding since his Leg-gina incident.

Yesterday was One Gear More Beer single speed rally in Philly. I would say about 40 or so hearty single speeders showed up with there entry fee, which happened to be a six pack of micro brew. This was in no way a race but more like a single speed riding, beer drinking event.

Marc couldn't ride, but him and Diane showed up to cheer, drink and eat pretzels.

The day consisted of 3 not so events. A cross country course which you were not aloowed to do more than 4 laps. A Jack Ass trials event which was made more difficult by the fact that most people were drunk while trying to clean it. The last event was a derby or foot down.

Big Bush and Topher square off.

After all was said and done and all the beer was gone. Everybody made there way to the Dawson Street Pub for the post party. This was where the Rally King and Queen were crowned.

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