Sunday, August 27, 2006

This is your 2006 Rally King. Oh! by the way he was on a Fixed Gear.

The post party was great even though the bar was a bit of a dive they had some great beers and plenty not-hospitality.

Never get so drunk that you pass out at the bar like Charlie here, because people will mess with you and you could end up on some dudes blog.

Les the International Man of Mystery is feeling no pain.

When the party was finally over, Les and I made our way to Jimmy and Elizabeth's house to crash for the night. This involved a 15 minute climb in Manyunk in flip flops.

Elk and Sam.

Elk was the man. He was out setting up the course at like 6:00am, and did a great job by the way. This man worked his ass off yesterday. Then led a small drunk group of us through the woods in the dark. Scary, but fun.

So, I want to thank Elk, Mike Yozell, and Les for putting on the event. Jimmy and Elizabeth for letting Les and I shower and crash at there place.

Wow only 364 days until the next one. I can't wait.




Samantha said...

It was nice meeting you!

Buddy said...

Same here. If you guys ever find your way down here be sure to look us up.