Saturday, September 23, 2006

Time to Seperate the Men From the Boys...

Tomorrow is the third and final race in the Michaux Monster series. I love racing at Michaux. All three races are different and contain there own degree of fun and difficulty. The Terror of Teabury will definitely be the longest at 39 miles, but the really cool part is that there is only 2 miles of fire road. I can't wait, just think 37 miles of rock littered single track.

Even though I am really exited to race tomorrow, I am also a little sad. Teabury will be my second to last race of the year ( my last race will be Allamuchy). I do not want this season to end. Usually about this time I am burned out and I just want a break, but I have had more fun racing and riding my awesome Spot Brand 29er while wearing my very comfortable Twin Six jerseys. This just makes me hungry for next year already.

Time to carbo load.


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