Monday, September 25, 2006

The TERROR of Teabury...

Yesterday was the final installment of the Michaux Mega Series, and by far the hardest. Actually, this may have been the hardest race I have ever done. Even Jeremiah Bishop said it was the hardest race he has ever done. To make matters worse I had a pretty bad day. Going into this race I was sitting in 5th for the series and I knew a few folks weren't doing the single speed class, so I had a chance to move up. All I had to do was finish.

This turned out to be easier said than done. The race started out pretty good. I started easy and when the first climb came I started moving up. I wasn't feeling great but I though I would be able to settle in. The first climb was a really long one but I made it over the top and started one of many steep, slimy, rocky descents. I was handling the rocks pretty well and was feeling confident.

The next climb hit and things started to go wrong. I crashed going up hill. It was a slippery rocky climb and I was starting to feel bad. I stopped, grabbed a snack and continued to make my way to the top.

On the next down hill I was cruising along, when all of the sudden I went down hard. I took a few minutes to make sure I was still in one piece then took off again. I kind of lost my nerve a little after the crash though, and that doesn't usually happen to me.

This course just kept on punishing you. You would climb for what seemed like forever, then you would be on the ridge which was littered with boulders and rock gardens as far as the eye could see. The ridge would go up and down the whole time then you would start the descent. I was getting my confidence back on the down hills, but I was having stomach issues so my food and water intake wasn't what it needed to be. I kept nibbling and taking sips of water but it just wasn't enough and the Bonk hit hard. This was bad because I was barely past the half way point.

I finally hit the first water stop which was a little over 20 miles in. When I rolled in a couple of guys were getting directions back to the lot. I wasn't going to take the easy way out no matter how tempting it was.

Now the course started to get real hard. A few times I found myself saying, "you have got to be fucking kidding me" or "how the fuck do you ride this" At one point there wasn't even a trail, it was just a bunch of arrows stapled to some trees.

At the last water stop I saw Lee, a guy I met at the SM100. He told me I wasn't looking too good. Then he told me it was 5 more miles to the finish. I figured it was all up hill. It wasn't, there were a few rises and one more nasty rock garden then it was kind of rolling. I was feeling like it was over I could just cruise in and finally be done. I round a turn and a guy tells me one mile to go. I feel a burst and start going petty hard, then I hit a hike a bike. " You have got to be Kidding me", a hike a bike in the last mile. Thank god it wasn't too long and the rest of the way was pretty flat. I eventually crossed the finish line, and I was really disappointed because it took me 6:02 to go 39 miles.

After talking to a few people I felt a little better, not to mention I wasn't even last. I finished 12th out of 16 finishers and over 20 starters. The best part was I ended up third in the series behind Elk and Topher. I want to congratulate Elk, while fixing a flat during the race he got swarmed by bees. He had to run down the trail because his Camelbak and bike were covered with them, Larry Camp stopped and helped him retireve his things and Elk was on his way again. He rode his ass off to catch Topher who could have taken the over all away, but couldn't quite do it. So Elk aka Captain Insano, won the over all single speed class. Nice job dude. Also want to say nice job to Les the International Man of Mystery who not only finished 7th overall, but was kind enought o drive my pathetic ass home.
Well I must continue my rest week,


bob said...

nice job. from what I've heard, I'm almost glad I had to suffer through Bear Creek.

Samantha said...

Elk had 36 bee stings. It is miserable.

Jason said...

Way to tough it out Buddy! Great overall finish too. Congrats.


Samantha said...

Hey! Fantastic job on finishing 3rd in the series. I don't know how any of you do what you do. Very impressed

IF Chicks said...

Way to go Buddy !!
sounds like another tough one at Michaux. I missed out on this one, but needed the rest from travelling.

Congrats a hard earned third in ss monster...hard core !!!!