Sunday, October 01, 2006

No Race Weekend...

Since there were no mountain bike races this weekend I had planned to do some fun no pressure rides.

So on Saturday Alan the cleaner, Les the international man of mystery , Keith G Bobby's boy and I met at Fair Hill. Despite the little rain we had the trails were great. We managed to hit all the fun stuff. Keith, who now lives out near Michaux was loving his return to his old stomping grounds. In fact he managed to stomp Les and I into the ground. Keith was flying while Les and I were just trying to stay with in sight. It was a great ride though. I love it when Keith makes his way up for one of our rides.

Today's original plan was to ride Wissahickon then hit a local pub for some after ride food and refreshments. Unfortunately I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. So I thought of plan B. Get Bob and Ben to lead a ride around Downingtown then hit Victory for lunch.

Since Downingtown handles the rain well it seemed like the perfect choice. When we met for the ride the sun was shining and the trails were calling. It has been quite a while since I rode D Town so I was looking forward to it. The only problem is I always seem to forget how hard this place is.

Matt taking a break after his first experience on "Hops Duez"

The trails were in good shape but the roots were treacherous. Bob and Ben were showing Matt and I how well they know these trails. I wasn't feeling that great at first but as the ride went on I felt better.

Bob and Ben put together a fun loop we even hit some questionable stuff.

After a great ride we enjoyed some decent food and some awesome beer. Victory never disappoints.



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