Monday, November 06, 2006

Meeting the Family...

Rachael's Sister Alex with her boyfriend Frankie.

Rachael's mother with the kids.

Yesterday Rachael's mom organized a little family reunion. Her step father was kind enough to host the gathering before we went to lunch at a very nice hotel/restaurant. The whole event took place in the Cotswold's, which is very beautiful part of England. I could see myself living in one of these little villages, but I don't think we could afford it. We made our greetings then celebrated with a little champagne. I met several family members from uncles to grandfathers and step grandfathers, as well as her sister and her sister's bloke,(I think I have been here too long)

Every body was very nice and we shared some good stories and a few laughs. Lunch was good but the service was a bit slow. It was nice to meet Rachael's mother's family. Today we will be going into Wales to see a castle and then meet my father in law's sister for lunch at, you guessed it a pub.

Well I have to get out of here for now.

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