Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Pubs...

This was the first of many Pubs we visited and drank in during our visit to the UK. I enjoyed the Buttcombe Bitter. We even went back on our last full day in the UK.

We stopped in here on our way home from Stone Henge. Nice sandwiches and of course some fine cask ales.

We stopped here on our way back from fox hunting. It was in the process of changing owners so the beer selection was minimal. So we made our way to the next pub.

I really enjoyed the Otter Ale in this pub. We had a couple of pints and some chips to munch on, (we call them french fries)

After my first mountain bike ride in England anice guy named Taylor took me here for a couple of pints while I was waiting for my ride. Good beer but not a very friendly pub.

This was the Blue Flame. The pub I had heard the most about. They have a tradition on Thursdays called Pie Day. There is an older gentleman who bakes some of the best meat pies around. He shows up at the pub and sells them for next to nothing. I had many pints and made a pig of myself by eating 2 pies and taking a 3rd home.

Rachael and I took her parents out to dinner at this pub. The food was very good and of course I enjoyed a few fine cask ales.

I met up with Shaggy on Friday for a mid day mountain bike ride. The ride was great even though I felt like a slug. After we went to this place. A bike shop/Pub. Yes they stole my idea. It was awesome. My 2 favorite things in one place. We drank Budvar/Budweiser, the original brewery that started in Europe over 200 years ago, this is no where near the crap you by here.

This was the pub I drank the most beer in. We stopped here after a very long day walking with the dogs. I took a liking to the Young's Winter Warmer.

This was the Pub we wnet to for the meet the family day. The food was brilliant and Rachael's uncle David turned me onto the Hookie Bitter. One of my favorites of the trip.

This Pub is actually in Wales. We stopped here after a trip to Chepstow Castle and met up with Rachael's aunt Val. Good food and good beer once again.

This was the last but not least pub I visited. More excellent beers.

The inside of a true English Pub.

Well that was it for the pubs. I had many bottled beers at home as well.

It is time to get going so,


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chunky monkey said...

That is awesome! I love it. There's a ton of them. Looks like you're having a lot of fun.

Andy said...

pub tour '06 !

I know we can make this into an endurance event in '07.

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that was so outstanding.