Monday, November 27, 2006

Slowing Way Down...

Well the holiday weekend has come and gone. Usually our little community does a nice ride on Thanksgiving, but the rain put a damper on that this year. This doesn't mean I didn't get some good riding in. Ok lets just say some riding in. It seems I have lost any resemblance of fitness I may have had. It is amazing, it takes months to get to peak fitness but mere weeks to lose it. Friday I met up with Matt at Les' house for a ride at Brandywine. Once again Les laid out a great loop. We managed to avoid the really wet spots. I wasn't climbing very well but I was able to ride the rocks.
Saturday was White Clay and Middle Run. I was joined by K Man, Alan the cleaner and Fort James, who was taking a little break from cross. The trails were a little wetter than I expected, but not bad enough that we shouldn't have ridden. Again I felt like crap but it was a fun ride and it was good to ride with James again.

Sunday was a big ride at Fair Hill. Matt run Forrest led the group containing, Les the International Man of Mystery, Alan the cleaner, Kurtee, Ted logic, Bob the new Spotwhore, Chris, Rob, and Craig. Unlike the 2 previous days I was feeling a bit better yesterday, despite the nagging cold I have been trying to shake. Matt put together a great loop, everybody was riding well and the weather was beautiful.

Rob is loving his beautiful Spot Brand single speed.

A few folks peeled off along the way but we still had a nice group at the end. Like I said I was feeling better, that is until the last little kicker going up the horse jump trail.
I cracked like Humpty falling off his wall. I did manage to recover a little but my spirit was broken.
It was a great ride though.
Well I must try to kick this cold before it drives me mad.
Cheers Buddy

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