Monday, December 25, 2006


I love this time of year, especially when the weather has been as nice as it has. A group of us took full advantage of the nice weather yesterday by riding Brandywine.

Les the International Man of Mystery, Jimmy Z, and Ed Big Bush taking a little break.

I knew we were going to have a good ride when Les and I were loading up beers for everyone before we left his house.
We had a few old fiends I haven't seen in a while riding with us, Spot Paul and Dan the Man came along, and rounding out our group were Matt run Forrest and Kurtee.
Les put together a great loop, we were on our way back up what he calls the Rocky Death Climb. I managed to stuff my front wheel into the wrong place and went flying over the bars. I wasn't going very fast but the rocks I landed on aren't exactly soft. I bashed my arm pretty good. It took me a while to shake it off but I manged to ride the dry creek bed rock garden.
We rounded off the ride by sitting on Les' porch enjoying a beer.
Man I love the Holiday's.
Happy Holidays All,

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