Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh, What a Beautiful Sight...

For the second weekend in a row we had a nice big old group ride. Twelve us spent Sunday morning enjoying the sweet single track of White Clay and Middle Run. The majority of our group was made up from the Bean's boys who ventured south fro the ride. The trails were in pretty good shape with the exception of a couple of the fields. I had a plan to try and hit just about all the trails in the Judge, Middle Run and White Clay. We didn't hit them all but we came damn close. The good part was how well the ride flowed.

I was a little sluggish from Saturday's ride at Brandywine with Les and Kurtee, but I think I kept the pace pretty even the whole ride. We ended up with about 30 miles of riding. A few folks decided to give the new skills trail stunt a second go. I know at least one of them wishes he hadn't. Craig from Beans, a recently converted single speeder and all around cool guy. Stacked it on the last little drop off and manged to dislocate his shoulder. The cool part is he was able to ride back to the lot, which was up hill.

Other than that it was great ride.

To put the capper on a great weekend the Eagles beat the stinkin' Giants.


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