Monday, February 19, 2007

The Fair Hill Follies...

Given the recent snow and ice I thought riding the trails would not be possible. Like many folks, I was wrong. It seems the snow is frozen solid which means we can ride on the top. It is pretty strange, for the most part there is plenty of traction, but once in a while you hit an ice patch or just bust through the frozen layer.

Matt run Forrest and I put White Clay and Middle Run to the test on Saturday. It was awesome. The snow made most of the trails smooth as butter, except where some people had been hiking before the freeze.

Sunday a group consisting of fatmarc, Matt Run Forrest, K Man, Wes the Conqueror, Kurtee,E Town and Alan the Cleaner. The trails at Fair Hill were a little slicker but still fun. There were plenty of slide outs, and endos to go around, but no injuries just a lot of hooting and hollering. To end things we climbed up 5 Bridges then started making our way back to Marc's house. The timing was perfect because the snow was starting to soften up which made some areas really tough to get through.

Looks like after today we are in for a warm up. I guess I will be on the road bike this week.


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