Friday, February 23, 2007

Set Backs Suck...

I was in the base training groove. I was getting lots of quality miles in, that is until this week. I had a touch of the flu to start the week, aches, chills and fever. I still managed to get in a couple of rides but not what I wanted. I had planned on a nice easy 3 hour ride this afternoon, but that didn't happen. First it was really windy, second the guy finally came out to hook up the gas to our generator. This meant i had to finish the electric and run and test it.

I am happy to say everything works great, if by chance the power goes out we will be in business.

Now I just have to get in 8 and a half hours this weekend so my coach doesn't get pissed at me.

Time for a beer,

1 comment:

robert said...

solid ride today Buddy. good seeing you.