Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bring On The Rest Week...

I just finished up the last of my base. It has been a tough couple of months and I am looking forward to nice easy week. Yesterday it was just me and the iPod. I felt pretty good, which might have been a bad sign for today's ride because I rarely feel good two days in a row especially on the road.

I have to say I have been feeling pretty run down lately. I got tired pretty fast climbing last night, it wasn't my best night but still fun. Rachael on the other hand is doing really well. She looks very smooth, plus she has incredible upper body strength.

After climbing we decided to try the restaurant next store. Noah's Family Restaurant. It was fun we talked smack told stories talked of shiny pants, plus the food was pretty good. The only problem is that it was a very Christan restaurant which meant no beer.

Today I was hoping for a long steady paced ride. The group was leaving form Matt run Forrest's shop in Oxford. I rode in from home trying to get as many hours as possible. Joining in on the fun were, fatmarc, Wes the Conqueror, Matt run Forrest, FFA Amy, Ted Logic, who all rode in as well, plus Tom Poppa Smurf, Matt V, and Charlie the guy who knows every steep hill in PA. It wasn't a bad ride there, I had some rollers to get through, but I also had a tail wind, which was going to hurt later. As always Charlie hit some monster climbs. I was trying to take it easy but that didn't work out for me. It was just hill after hill, or a long stretch of big rollers. I was feeling better than I thought I would but still not what I would call good.

Charlie is an evil man. He took us to one hill that was long, steep, plus most of it was a dirt road. That one hurt a lot. After that we started for home. I broke off from the group to head home, it started off OK, but it wasn't long until I found the head wind, then came the rollers and hills. I just took my time and tried not to blow up. In the end it was a brutally hilly 80 miles in just under 5 hours.

Now it is time for few of Magic Hat Hipa's,


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