Saturday, March 31, 2007

Be Careful When You Fart...

For the most part this has been an uneventful week. I did get out for a short ride at White Clay on Wednesday, but that was about it. Today was a different story. Matt run Forrest and I planned a 4 park ride. The weather and the trails were too nice to do anything else.

Nothing like a beer break during a long ride.

I met up with Matt at his place and we made our way to White Clay where we picked up Les the International Man of Mystery, and Rob (not that no talent ass clown from matchbox 20). On our way there we ran into fatmarc and Chunky Monkey with her dad, they to were on there way to enjoy the trails. The trails were awesome, plenty of Super Hero Traction and dry as can be. Everything was going great until Rob had a little miscalculation involving an anal gas expulsion. In other words he sharted in his chamois. We thought nothing of until he said something about his ass being on fire going up the boundary trail. Rob was going to bail, so we stopped and had a beer before heading down the other side. I offered Rob some TP I had left in my pack from the SM100.

Unfortunately the damage was done. While we were waiting for Rob to try and wipe his ass, we met Doug who was out on his GF Rig. He decided to join us as we made our way to Fair Hill. Before we took off he said,"I'll feel bad if you guys put a hurt on me after drinking a beer. The 4 of us laughed simultaneously. In his defense he didn't know any of us, but for some reason was willing to follow 4 complete strangers who just got done drinking beer on a ride, to Fair Hill.

Rob bailed before we headed to Fair Hill, and I think Doug was wishing he had as well. No, we didn't try to hammer him into the ground, I just think our steady pace was a little tougher than his, besides he did manage to hang on. Matt had to bail not long after we got into Fair Hill and went with him. Doug decided to hang with Les for some Fair Hill fun, besides he didn't know his way back to White Clay.

It was a great ride, I am not sure how many miles but it was close to 4.5 hours. The perfect ride for a rest week.

And Rob, I hope you feel better soon.




robert said...

dude, thanks for the TP and thanks for the recommendation on the nugget nectar. good shit.

Frank Brigandi said...

beer good, shart bad.