Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sometimes It's Quality Over Quantity...

With the crappy weather we got hit with Friday night my ride plans had to take a drastic change. I didn't get in the 5.5 hours I was supposed to but I did get in a couple of good rides.

Yesterday I headed to fatmarc's to see if we could ride Fair Hill in the snow. Joining us was Alan the cleaner. The snow wasn't quite as frozen as last time but with some effort it we were still able to ride. Even though the conditions weren't ideal it was still nice to get out on the mountain bike and we did have a good time.

Today I rode from the house and out to the Laurels. Not the best single track around but I can ride there from home and get in plenty of climbing. I just cranked up the iPod and was happy in my own little world. The best part is I didn't see another person the whole ride.



Anonymous said...

You better keep your ass outta there, that's my neck of the woods. Are you a member of the conservancy?

And there is some singletrak there, i'll have to show you.

Buddy said...

I know some of the single track and a good bit of it today. I would love a tour though.