Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just When You Think It's Safe to Go Outside...

The past couple of days the weather has been beautiful. Sunny and high 60's. I rode both days in just a shorts and a jersey.

Tuesday I headed to Fair Hill, hoping the trails had dried out enough to ride. I started the ride down the Twilight trail and the start of it was pretty good, but it quickly turned to crap. It was really sloppy and torn up thanks to idiot equestrians. I bailed out of this trail, crossed the road and all was good. I was cruising along having a good ride when I hit the sunken bridge, where the trails were a little soft, but not too bad. This was pretty much my ride, the trails were hit or miss. After an hour I just hit the gravel road and did a loop on it. The saddest part is that most of the sloppy trails would have been OK if they had not been trampled by careless horse people. They even went as far as to destroy trails clearly marked NO HORSES.

Yesterday I went to Middle Run/White Clay. The trails were much better. I would say 85% dry the rest just a little spongy. I rode most of the trails even the more delicate newer stuff and all was good. Of course there are no horses at these parks, coincidence? I don't think so.

Later today the weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse. Rain for 2 days then changing to snow. You have to be kidding me, we just got rid of the snow, things are just starting to dry out. Oh well, back to the road bike for a while.

By now you might think I hate horses. This is far from the truth. I live on a horse farm, in an area that is mostly horse farms. I am around them every day. The difference is, around here there are some trails but they are for horses. Sure others can use than but, it is not like it is a multi-use public park where irresponsible weekend want to be cowboys don't give a shit what kind of damage they do.

All right, that is it for the trail destroying horse posts.

Time to go ride,


Squirrel said...

"weekend want to be cowboys don't give a shit what kind of damage they do."

Neither do the:

"weekend want to be mountian bikers don't give a shit what kind of damage they do."

Always a few idiots in every crowd:)


Highway Munky said...

Grrr Horses!

Buddy said...

Your right, there were a few deep tire ruts as well. I just don't see how riding in that crap can be considered fun.


thedevilsmokes said...

break out the snowshoes!! this weather sucks and so do those horse fuck heads! i recall a ride at FH in a section where the horses churned the earth, looked like someone rototilled the soil!

there's always tasty brew to pass the time and try to forgive horse fuck heads...