Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Full Weekend...

I finally am sitting down, it seems I have had little opportunity to do that this weekend.

My ride plans were up in the air on Saturday. We got a fair amount of rain Friday, so I thought I would be on the road. I talked to fatmarc and found out Katie was in town and we would be riding Fair Hill. Joining us was Chunky Monkey, Wes T. Conqueror, FFA Amy,and Rob NTNTACFMB20 Thomas. Much to our surprise the trails were in good shape. It was a good ride with some good friends, what more could you want.

After the ride we went to Newark for burritos. They were most superb, in fact mine was not only superb, but it was the size of a football. I housed by the way.

Later that night it was climbing, unfortunately Rachael was on foal duty and couldn't make it.

Today was Jim Thorpe.

Scott showing off his trials skills.

Surly Bob, Chris, and myself made our way to Thorpe. Along the way we met up with Gentle Ben, Scott, Craig, and Glen. It was going to be a good one because we had the local as a tour guide. Jamie along with his room mate Scott, Leif and of course the Dutch Eagle made sure we had a great ride today. First on the agenda was to park Jamie's car, loaded with food and beverage at the halfway spot. Then it was the long gradual 8 mile climb up the railroad grade.

Ben rockin' out...

The ride was awesome, great group, great weather, and unbelievable trails.

Dean aka the Dutch Eagle, flying through the rocks.

I can't thank these guys enough for showing us around up there. I can't wait for the next trip up.

Plus, this was good preparation for Michaux this weekend.

Time to crash.




huber said...

Any day on two wheels is a good day. Thanks for rippin' the rocks. See ya at Michaux.

Suki said...


the pic of someone actually PEDALLING a bike betwixt boulders that I'm barely capable of hiking over...


you guys are hardcore...

and just a wee bit cracked in the head.