Friday, April 27, 2007

Ludicrous Speed...

Usually Tuesday night is the really fast ride and Thursday is just the fast ride. Well, Matt run Forrest and I weren't at the Tuesday night ride, but we did make the Thursday night ride. Todd, who usually lays out the pain on Tuesday and Thursday, was thinking of racing this weekend and was calling for a nice easy ride last night. What does all this gibberish mean? Last night Matt, Todd, Green Trek John, Kurtee and myself showed up for the fast (not super fast) Thursday night ride at Fair Hill.

After chatting in the parking lot for a while Matt took the lead and we were off. The pace was torrid right from the start, and it only got faster. I couldn't believe how fast we were going. Matt even said, " going to blow up and when I do it will be Epic". Matt didn't blow up. We were ripping through Crackhead Bob, and at one point I wanted to beg for mercy but couldn't speak. We got to the end and re-grouped. While everybody was chatting I took off down Five Bridges. My original plan was to bring the pace down, but I found myself pushing as hard as I could. Trying to live up to Matt's earlier pace.

Next it was Todd's turn on South Park. I think this is where we all finally cracked. After South Park it was a unanimous decision to noodle up the road back to the cars. Well the noodle pace turned into, let's get this last climb over with.

Finally we were done. Man was that fun, we took turns trying to rip each others legs off while talking trash the whole time.

Man I love this sport.

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