Sunday, April 15, 2007

Have You Seen My Legs?

I felt like I was riding well early in the week. I had 2 hard fast rides in a row and was happy with how I was feeling. I then took two days off in anticipation of a long ride Saturday. Since a Nor'Easter was bearing down on our area I was hoping for a long ride. Matt run Forrest and I rolled out of his place Saturday morning hoping for a 4-5 hour mountain bike ride. First up was Fair Hill. I was feeling a bit sluggish early on, but I figured I would feel better as the ride went on. Matt put together a nice loop with a few tough climbs early on. He was feeling pretty good,me, I was still waiting for my legs to come around. After two and a half hours I started to realize this wasn't my day. I kept plugging a long but it was never pretty. Matt continued to ride strong while I felt like I was suffering.

We finished up Fair Hill and started towards White Clay. The plan was to see how we were feeling when we got there, then decide how much more riding we would do. I was determined to keep riding. We ended up doing a small loop at White Clay before making our way back to Matt's place. I was really hurting now, but I knew it was almost over. When it was all said and done we ended up with just under 5 hours. This is what bothered me the most . Matt and I have done this type of ride many times, and I never felt this bad at the end. I am hoping it was due to the rides earlier in the week.

Next up was a little climbing. I wasn't expecting much but I actually climbed pretty well, still not as well as Rachael who seems to be a natural, but I was satisfied. It was kind of cool last night because it was like a cyclist invasion on the gym. We had a group of 13 show up for climbing, then a trip to Four Dogs for dinner and few tasty beverages.

What did you drink while watching Paris Roubaix?

Today was the 105TH running of Paris Roubaix, The Hell of The North, and my favorite of the spring classics. I don't think anyone picked O'Grady, but I was happy to see him win ,and in an exciting fashion.

Well that is all for now.




Sportingo said...


I read your blog on cycling and was interested to find that you follow pro cycling. Would you be interested in publishing any articles on the topic?

Chris said...

nice choice.

i had a couple of Leffe's and wished i could trade the cold & rain for their warm, dry conditions.

riding the trainer on a Sunday is just wrong.

Suki said...

cycling invastion, indeed.

I think they should charge you guys double.