Friday, April 13, 2007

The Fun Has Begun...

Base is done, rest week is over, first race is in the books, now the fun begins. It all started with the Tuesday night Titans ride. I got there early and got in a half hour before Todd and Matt rolled in. The three of us rolled out at a pretty fast pace for half an hour. We then picked up fatmarc, E-Town, Rob Thomas, and some guy in a red t shirt that bit off a little more than he could chew. My plan was to try and stay mellow, I was going to just let Todd go, well that didn't happen. My legs were feeling pretty good, so I stayed on Todd's wheel, the faster he went the better I felt. E-Town and Marc were right there as well. After the Judge, we swung by the lot to see if anyone else wanted to play then headed to White Clay. The pace did slow ever so slightly but was still fast as shit. Finally at the bottom of Shock and Awe, Matt and I decided to call it a night. If only I could feel that good at a race some day.

Wednesday night found myself in Downingtown for the Victory ride. Different group but the same mentality, ride as fast as you can for as long as you can. The only difference is the terrain is much less forgiving at Downingtown. Bob led the way at first and set a blistering pace up back to back brutal climbs. On the way down I followed Bob over a big log and managed to stove my front wheel and pull off the my biggest endo ever. After shaking off the cob webs we rolled on.
The top of Mark du'Ez...


We stopped at the top of the next climb to re-group and someone wasn't feeling it so we made sure he was OK, in the mean time we lost the group. So it was down to Bob, Rick, the Vet, and myself. Bob kept the pace high but much more civilized.

After our nice ride we made our way to Victory for some recovery drinks, and some wings. I think D Town will be a part of my weekly training, you can't get a better hill work out anywhere around here.


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