Monday, April 23, 2007

Not Quite Epic...

Sunday was yet another multi-park ride. Matt run Forrest, Bob, and myself rolled out of Matt's just after 8 am and headed to Fair Hill. We picked up Todd, Kurtee, Leo, and John Thompson. Rob showed up as well but brought the wrong shoes. The plan was to keep it nice and steady so we could get in a nice 5+ hour ride. Well the pace was a bit brisk at times, I didn't mind so much but I had advertised the ride to a bit easier. After several re-groups Todd rolled off by himself, not long after that we lost Kurtee, Leo and John. Matt, Bob, and I made our way to Little Egypt, where we stopped for some Beer and beef jerky.

Now it was on to Carpenter State Park then to White Clay. On the way we went through Bob's old neighborhood. We hit White Clay Where we picked up Fitzy, and decided to make a B Line for the Judge. I felt like I was getting a second wind so I took off on the Judge I was feeling good at the time but knew I was going to pay for it later. After hammering out the Judge it was Back to White Clay.

This is where I hit the wall, lucky for me I took Matt and Bob with me. We pretty much limped back to Matt's. We ended up being out for just under 6 hours, with 4:40 ride time,and 51.5 miles. Like Bob said, it wasn't Epic, but it was a hard training ride. In the end we were all tired and hungry. Thanks to Matt for supplying a nice cold recovery beverage.

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