Monday, May 28, 2007

What Happened To Spring...

It seems like we went from nice 70 deg. days to hot and humid over night. I think that is what made yesterday's ride harder than I thought it should have been. We put together a nice group for a 4 Park ride. I was joined by Les the International Man of Mystery, K Man, Fitzy, Genital Ben, Chris H, and Craig.

We started at Middle Run. I tried to set a nice steady pace as we hit just about every part of the park. It wasn't long before my first mishap. While jumping into a dip, I managed to blow my rear tire off the rim. Of course there wasn't enough Stan's left in it, so I had to put a tube in.

It was now time to cut through White Clay, and start making our way to Fair Hill. After a brief water stop, we hit Carpenter Park then weaved our way to Fair Hill. This was where mishap #2 happened. The farmers had just cut the hay and it was covering the trail so we got thrown slightly off course, no big deal we will just cut across the field then into the woods. I was just cruising along when my front wheel found a huge hole that happened to be covered by the hay laying on the ground. I went down hard. It took me a while to shake the cob webs, and when I stood up, I realized my leg was hurting.

Let's just say my bike left an impression on me.

We rode on. The trails were great, maybe even a little too dry. Between Les and I we put together a nice loop. We even managed to find time for a little swimming.

On our way back to the cars I started to crack, I think the heat was getting to me. Luckily Les took us the quickest, easiest way back. It was a great ride, we managed 45 miles with only 4:12 ride time, of course with swim breaks and stops we out for 5:30. Thanks to all for joining me on this ride.

Now it was party time. H. Brown from Bike Line invited us to his Summer Bash. This man knows how to throw a party, plenty of food, beer, a live band, and even a cotton candy machine.

We had a really good time, despite the thunder storm that blew through.

Girls on Trampoline!

Marc got excited when he heard the band might play Freebird.

Thanks for inviting us H. Brown we had a blast.



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Highway Munky said...

looks like a fun time Buddy. Blog is looking great by the way. Love the new banner.