Friday, June 08, 2007

Road Trip...

Tomorrow morning a group of us will make our way to State College for the Stoopid 50. Despite the rumors of how hard the course is, and how long it should take, I am excited.
I have ridden in State college a few times and I absolutely love the trails up there. Plenty of technical rock sections, super fast descents, and lung busting climbs.
Of course I am hoping to have good legs on Sunday, but my biggest goal is to have fun and enjoy the trails. Just like Michaux I will use the first 15-20 miles to see how I am feeling, then either step it up or settle in.

No matter it should be a good weekend. I want to thank Wes T Conqueror in advance for arranging for us to stay at his Parent's house. I also want to thank the Shempf's for there hospitality.
Time to start getting it together,

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Suki said...

I hear momma braun makes some mean applesauce.

sneak some back for me, would ya?

have a great race, guys!!!