Monday, June 04, 2007

Spot Brand Make Over...

I love my Spot Brand 29er single speeds, but the first one I got has had it rough.

It has a lot of miles and has suffered the occasional scratch or minor ding. To pay her back for all those wonderful miles of sweet single track bliss, I sent her off to the wonderful and luxurious Spot Brand Salon and Spa in Goulden Colorado. There she would pampered, and given a complete make over.

After three relaxing weeks, she has returned a new bike.

Even got a little extra bling with the sterling silver head badge.

Now I can't wait to get her into the woods where I can have my way with her.




Suki said...

be gentle.

JenBob said...

the black is badass!

Highway Munky said...

Bling Bling!

Yoder said...

you should get a try tonight!! I heard that there is good beer at the end of the ride...just a rumer though

Swami Scott said...

Nice! Is that the Spot satin black? I've had that color since day one and always thought the flame paint was cool too. New fork or sticker removal? Looks like some Boone goodies too.

Buddy said...

The color is actually Matte black. The fork is an Origin8 Black ops carbon, Pretty sweet.
And yes there is some Boone Bling as well.