Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Old Guy Ride...

Since I was coming off a bit of a rest week there was no racing for me. I did bust out the old fixie on Friday. I love riding that bike, but I don't think it was the wisest choice for my first ride back.
I headed out on the rigid Spot 29er for a little spin around White clay. I have to admit I am not a fan of all the changes they have done there, but it is a good place to ride if you want to take it easy.

Now the bad stuff. Rachael and I went climbing last night. I have been dealing with a pretty bad case of tendinitis recently, but was feeling better than I have in weeks last night. That is until I got on the wall. I didn't re-injure the tendon, but I think I pulled a muscle in the same arm. I guess I am just not meant to climb. I know I need to just take time off and be patient, but as Rachael always tells me I have like negative patience. I think I am forced to take a break now though.

Today I met up with Todd el Presidente' for a tour of the Fair Hill course. Joining the ride were John C, Thayer, and Alan. Along the way we picked up Rich and his wife Elizabeth, who are new to the area. The course is a lot like 2 years ago, I guess because it was laid out by the same guy. Todd set a nice pace and there was little stopping, but there was absolutely No Flow.
There was a whole lot of down hillus interuptus. You would be flying down a fun down hill then about half way down you make a sharp turn and go back up.
We managed to have fun today but that was more the people than the course. Not to mention it is going to tough. I had at about 30 miles and I think they put every tough, and many unnecessary hills.

I'm just glad I will be at Michaux.



tj said...

That's why it's called mountain biking brother! See you at Michaux

Buddy said...

The thing about Fair Hill is you can lay out a tough course that has some flow to it. There is soo much trail there. It seems the folks this year just tried to put in every trail even if thay had to take you out of the way to do it.
Don't get me wrong the Delaware Trailspinners always do a fantastic job, and i am sure this year will be no exception. This was just my opinion of the course.

Suki said...

I was wondering about your climber's elbow just the other day.

have you been doing your push ups, mister???