Friday, July 06, 2007

Busy Week...

This has been one of those weeks. You know the ones where it seems like you are constantly on the go. No rest for the wicked I guess.

Tuesday was Rachael's birthday so I took her to Dinner here. Very good food and probably the best dessert I have ever had. Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cupcake, yes it was as good as it sounds.

On the 4Th Peaches hosted a ride from his place.

K Man getting his picture taken for a change...

The ride was good. we hit just about all of White Clay and Middle Run. Joining us were, Wes T Conqueror, Fitzy, Rotten Rob, Todd, Alan, Jay Jay, and Fuzzy. It was a really good ride. Peaches followed up with a little BBQ back at his place. Plenty of beer and bad dog tricks to go around.

After this little shindig it was head home, shower and head out for the next event. A local party and fireworks gala right up the street. This again was a good time. Of course we left when the rain looked like it wasn't going to stop and missed the fireworks. That was OK though because we could see them from the comfort of our house.

It doesn't stop there. Last night we met up with some friends at Feeby's for all you can eat Dungeoness Crab Legs. Really good but, I think I over did it.

We still have a fuul plate for the rest of the week. Climbing, Crits, and Thorpe. Sould be fun.




JenBob said...

Speaking of wicked, this weekend is shaping up nicely! Should hurt like hell.

rotten said...

I just hope my liver doesn't hurt as bad as my legs on Sunday.