Sunday, July 22, 2007

Slowly But Surely...

Friday was my first ride since Michaux and lets just say it wasn't pretty.
I was hoping to feel better on Saturday. I met up with Peaches and rolled over to Fair hill where we picked up Jay Jay and Alan. Things started off better than expected, my legs actually felt ok. It didn't last long though, and around the 2 hour mark things went south in a hurry.

I have been here before, when it takes a couple of rides to wake the legs up, but this time it felt different. I just felt really, really tired and had no power at all. Despite all that Peaches laid out a nice loop and we had a good ride.
Some folks had asked for nice long mellow ride today. Not knowing how I was going to feel I suggested we hit the kinder, gentler trails of Middle Run and White Clay. My plan was to try and hit every trail in the two parks. Joining the party were fatmarc, Rotten Rob, John my bike is as crooked as my helmet Cleary, K Man, Kurtee and Les the International Man of Mystery.

What is that hanging off the back of Marc's bike?

We did manage a great ride today, and we hit every major and most of the minor trails without too much overlap.

The best part is my legs felt a little better each day, still not all the way recovered yet but well on the way, I Hope. After all the Wilderness 101 is only 2 weeks away.




rotten said...

nice ride today maestro. just what the doctor ordered.

Christopher said...

yo, buddy...its Topher...hit me up at bikesport...610 489 7300
want to know if you want that Bold TI post to get in works?

Scarlet said...

I need to get some biker buddies! This looks like fun!