Saturday, July 28, 2007

Things Are Looking Up...

It has been a good week on the bike. Tuesday I went out and drilled for 2 hours and felt great. It has been a while since I've done hard tempo like that, it was a good feeling. Wednesday Rachael and I rode to the Laurels from the house. Rachael loves to ride but hasn't in a while. It was good to ride together, hopefully we can do it a little more often.

Through all of this I have been trying to ween myself off the Camelbak. It is just too hot to have one of those things on your back. It seems to be going OK. Today I met up with Surly Bob at French Creek. Bob laid out a nice loop, totally different from what I am used to. We did a shit load of climbing early on so I wasn't too upset when we skipped Millers Point. We still managed a nice couple of hours on the bike. Plus I put my bottle cages to the test, the result, I stayed hydrated and didn't pitch any bottles. This is important because I am doing the Wilderness 101 with out a Camelbak.
With aid stations 20 miles or so apart I should be OK.

Looking forward to tomorrow's ride, L Webb and Jeb Bagger are going to be there. I am really looking forward to seeing those guys again. I just hope Jeb doesn't drop on every climb.



zayne said...

dude, did you check the weather report for saturday? mid 90's and sunny. maybe you should reconsider the camelbak? i think i'm going to run one.

BC the Doood said...

Dude, just freeze 1/2 the camelback the night before and then fill it up the day of and you have a huge ice cube melting on your back. It works great man!

Ride on,