Monday, August 06, 2007

Not Again...

To say I was excited about the Wilderness 101 would have been an understatement. Peaches and I made our way to State College and met up with Wes T. Conqueror and Liz at Wes' parents place, who I must thank again fro there more than generous hospitality.

This won't be a long blow by blow post. Here it is in a nutshell. Peaches and I planned to stay together as long as possible. The first 40 miles went by pretty quick and things were looking good. Then about 5 miles later I had to let Matt roll on with out me, I wasn't able to match his pace, so I settled into my own rhythm and carried on.

Then the stomach problems started creeping in a gain. I had tried to make sure this wasn't going to happen, but it did. I rolled into aid station 3 about 60 miles in. I took my time, tried to eat and settle down, Liz was there and she offered some very encouraging words as I rolled out.

Things only got worse from there, I started to feel light headed, I started getting tunnel vision, I was having a hard time walking let alone riding. So about 65 miles in I pulled the plug. I was done, I never felt this bad before, so I thought it was the smart thing to do. Thanks to Harry from Mt. Nittany for the ride back.

I did have a great time for the first 50 or 60 miles, and I will be back next year.

I have to congratulate Peaches on finishing his first 100 miler, maybe next time he will use chamois cream. Congrats' to Wes, who killed it, not only did he win the single speed class, but he set a course single speed record, and finished 7th over all. Good job to all that finished.

I also want to thank Chris Scott for putting on another world class event.

Now I have 4 weeks to get my stomach under control for the SM 100.



Pete said...

Good to see you buddy, the heat took down the best this still feelin smoked!

Jason said...

Smoked indeed. The heat was a mother! You'll get 'em at the SM dude. Are you going to the 18 hours on the farm? If so, I'll see you there.

Nice to see you and Peaches at the race (why does calling him Peaches make me feel dirty?)


Buddy said...

Thanks guys,

Jason, I will not be at the 18 hour race. Two of our guys can't do the race now so we are bagging it.


Suki said...

yicky belly, eh?

you're gonna hate this...

but maybe its the beer.


feel better. (<----I mean it)

lizzy said...

next year you'll kill it, too. and i'll be huffing and puffing right along, still in the car, next to you!

hope the satellite radio kicked in for the ride home. or did peaches have to serenade you the whole way?

Anonymous said...

Drink more beer, feel better :)

doug said...

sucks to hear. you'll be back with vengeance at the SM100!

I, too, ran into stomach issues. But that was at the Mohican. Perhaps my 101 experience might help:

The 101 I made sure to eat my cold oatmeal over an hour before the start (5:30am). Then eased it in when the race started (if that's what you call rolling with Topher up the first climb).

Drank ever 15mins (3 big bottles between aid stations). endurolytes ever 45-60mins. 1gel ever 60mins. sometimes a shot blok or two. two bananas at aid stations 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Somehow the stomach felt good throughout. Felt a slight headached at aid station 3 so I took 1000mg of ibuprofen.