Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Anti-Cross and Beer...

Saturday was the Granogue Cross Race, and it just so happened to fall on the same day as one of our anti-cross mountain bike rides. The ride was great. Les laid out another stellar loop, joining in on the fun were Peaches, Pete the retard, Bill Doh and his buddy Austin the roadie. Despite the rain the night before the trails were brilliant. Another great ride at Brandywine with a little sample of Granogue thrown in.

This was my assignment for the race, you guessed it, I was in charge of the beer tent. Two half kegs of Fordahm beer, some tasty Tavern Ale and some OK summer seasonal. I will say there were no complaints, but there may be a limit on folks next year.
As always the racing was entertaining.

Who says you can't mix beer and cross racing? Photo by my wife Rachael.

Although right after the beer feed Rob stacked it, as he was getting up he looked at this kid and said, "See, you should never drink and drive" classic Rotten Rob.

Even thought the elite men put on a great show and Tim Johnson dominated, I have to give the ride of the day to Jeb Bagger, who finished 5th in the killer B's. Then followed it up Sunday with a 4th, did I mention he is only 14.

It was also good to see lot's of folks I hadn't seen in a while. Sam and Elk were there raising money fro HERA. Dave Crouse was up from VA to race. there were a lot of others but I can't remember them all.

So it turned out to be a great day, Tom as always puts on a great show, I am just glad to be a part of it.



robert said...

damn that first keg was tasty. sadly that was the only sip i got.

killer pic rachel!

Jim said...

Hey, nicely done at the tent. I hit you guys up pretty early for a couple. Took the edge off nicely. Not that I had much edge to begin with, based on my performance...