Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hop Wallopeen...

Tonight is not just Halloween, it is the night that Victory releases Hop Wallop. One of my personal favorites. As luck would have it it falls on a Wednesday night, so I get to do the Downingtown ride and have some tasty Hop Wallop. I just hope I have some legs left after my 3 hour ride last night.

It was a good ride and the biggest group I have seen on a Tuesday night ride in a while. I guess the fact that Peaches was celebrating a birthday brough lots of folks out of the woodwork.

Well time to roll,


Frank Brigandi said...

HOp Wallopp is good stuff eh?( it's hockey season... eh works...)
Have you tried the "Flying Dig Double dog yet?

$50+ per case... it goes down pretty fuckin smoovly.....and at almost
11% al-kee-hawl- by-volume puts a hem in your dress high enough to lt your ass hang out long anough to attract some big fuggin' flies... woo-nelly...

so, what's the protocol for after cross season white clay/middlerun mountain rides... beer or nigh?
I'll bring some anyway... fuggit...

dd said...

The Cask Wallop last night was hopfully delightful. You can't get that good of a beer in a bottle. You missed a pretty good match of street ultimate afterwards.

Suki said...

wallopeen is my new favorite word.

of course, I'll have to figure out how to use it...and what it means, but it'll be worth it.

I'm sure.