Monday, October 01, 2007

One of Those Beautiful Fall Weekends...

The weather was brilliant, the trails were fast and dusty, and the company was great.

On Saturday Peaches and I put together a 4 park ride, joining in on the fun were Rich the new guy and Baby Bib from Philly. We rolled out of Matt's place and headed to Fair Hill. Things started pretty rough though. The turn for the trail came up quick and I hit the brakes, when I did Bob got tangled up and hit the ground Hard. He was OK, but we all knew it was going to stiffen up on him later. We rolled on.

Peaches put together a nice loop, we even ran into Biddle and Slik Rik who were headed out for a little ride.

We had to deviate from our plan a little because Peaches needed to switch bikes. Bob decided to call it a day, but the rest of us made our way to White Clay. We were having a great day, everyone was feeling good and the riding was nice and crisp, until about 4 hours in, then I cracked. The last hour back to Matt's was tough for me, but it was a great ride.

Sunday was the first of many fall rides at Brandywine. We met up at Les' place for a few more hours of riding joy. In on the fun were, Peaches, Rich, Jimmy Z, Big Bush, Damien and Les and myself. The trails were great, with not a lot of over growth, common at Brandywine.

Mandatory Beverage stop...

I felt better than expected and just had a great time in the rocks. As always Les throw together a stellar loop. We even waded across the very shallow Brandywine and rode a little of Granogue.

I am already looking forwards to next weekends adventures.




yoder said...

Hey buddy,
I'll be ready for those chill rides real soon. One last suffer fest this weekend. Keep me posted...

fatmarc said...

that was gross

Suki said...


that pic looks like a gaggle of hovering cyclists.

any chance I can learn that trick, too?