Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are Fall Rides The Best, Or What...

Riding the trails on weekends like this is why I don't race cross. I met Up with Keith the Manimal Ridenour for a nice ride at French Creek yesterday. It wasn't a long ride, and it wasn't a fast ride, but it was a fun ride.

Today was more fall fun. Different place and a big group, but perfect weather and perfect trails. Peaches and I rode to White Clay from his house and met up with a nice group. We were ripping through the trails led by Todd. Our group was 10 strong, funny thing is we were the small group. We saw groups of 15 and 20, not to mention every parking lot we rode by was full. In a way it was good to see so many people out enjoying the trails, on the other hand it was a bit more crowded that I like it. But you will have these things some times.

Plus, Rachael and I went to Victory for dinner after climbing last night. Always a good time. We met up with Sam and some of her friends. She was at PRG selling raffle tickets for HERA. The gym was having a women's night for Breast Cancer awareness.

Well that is enough babbling for now.



airing out said...

It was great hanging out with you and rachel!

huber said...

the fall is the best time to ride!