Monday, November 19, 2007

I Think I Have A New Favorite...

No it is not a new beer, though I have had few good ones lately, it's a new place to ride. Todd has been trying to get some of us to go with him the Fredrick Watershed for years. It just never seemed to pan out. Some how Peaches made arrangements for a small group of us to get a local guided tour. He talked to Dave Crouse who found someone willing to show us around.

So Saturday morning Todd, Peaches, Bike Line Rich and I made our way to western Maryland. It was looking to be a good day, the fall colors were at there peek, and the temps were chilly but not cold.

Dave's friend Barry knew every trail out there just about and made sure we hit all the fun technical stuff. I hate to admit it, but Todd was right, The Shed was unbelievable. A lot of it reminded me of Michaux, lots of rocks and some stiff climbs. Not to mention some of the technical stuff was wicked, yet ridable, even if not by me.We had a great ride, and I can't wait for the next trip to the Shed. Sorry for the lack of pictures but I forgot my camera.

After our ride we hit the town for food and beverage. We found a nice little brew pub and ended a great day with some good beer, descent food, and good company.



Dream Plus said...

Just so ya know. Stone IPA is my new favorite. As good as Racer #5 by Bear Republic. It's totally your fault.

Chris said...

Yup. The Shed rocks!