Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Crooked Christmas Tree From Hell...

For the past few years Rachael and I have gone to the same Christmas tree farm and cut down our own tree. We always came away with a nice tree. This year would be the exception.

That is not a camera trick, the tree is that crooked. It turns out the trunk of the tree is no where near straight. After many attempts to make it straight we had to settle for this. Granted it is decorated nicely, but just slightly askew.

The first thing I did was place a cinder block on the stand to hold the tree in place.

This seemed to fix the problem, however it was only temporary. After Rachael had finished trimming the tree, it fell over. Luckily nothing but the stand broke.

This was next solution. I screwed a hook into the wall and tied a freakin rope around the tree. It looks silly, but at least it isn't going anywhere.

Has anybody else had these kind of problems? What is your worst Christmas tree catastrophe?

Other than being a little lopsided, it is a nice tree.




Andy said...

ours is the same, crooked as all hell. fell over and smashed a bunch of glass ornaments while I was napping. scared the Christmas spirit right out of me.

fatmarc said...

the stories were good.
the pictures made us laugh out loud.

so funny.


JenBob said...

That's great! Adds a nice Christmas smile to my face.

ian said...
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ian said...

I've spent many freezing mornings trolling through rows of trees looking for the "perfect one." This year though, patience was thin; I had an agenda. We hit the tree farm and picked up the first pre-cut guy that looked decent after one walk around and a couple sniffs by my dog. We tossed that sucker into the stand it is seriously the best tree I've had in a long time. No holes, straight as an arrow, and a perfect top. Watch the thing be dead when I get home. said...

Laughing my butt off! My husband and I had the same issues this year..As I was holding up the tree and he was trying to secure it with more wood..I asked "DO you think we're the only ones that have these tree issues??"...

Anonymous said...

I have a stand that has a spike in the middle about 6 inches long. The trees come with a hole drilled up the truck. You just jam the tree on the spike and it stands perfect. It took me 30 seconds. If it wasn't for this stand I wouldn't have a real tree.


kimmy said...

Two years ago our tree was infested with spiders.
Countless baby jumping spiders.
I am not ashamed to admit we had a fake tree the following Christmas!