Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unscheduled Time Off...

It seems my little rib issue is going to keep off the bike for a little while. I tried to ride yesterday but it didn't go so well. I was fine with the pulling on the bars and going over things, but I was not fine with taking a deep breath. I am hoping to be back in the saddle next weekend.
Rachael and I did make it out to PRG last night. I didn't climb a whole lot, but I was able to climb some.

Thanks to Genia and company, we had the oppertunity to climb of the lead routes because they set up a top rope. This was a tough one from what I hear, this is the first of 2 overhangs.

After climbing we made our way to Newtons for some tasty treats.

Now I want to know if anybody can indentify this bird. Rachael took some pics of it and looked it up in our book but we couldn't find it.




zayne braun said...

my guess is that it is a flicker. not sure the scientific name, but i think you could find it under the woodpecker/sapsucker family.

Suki said...

one of the first things I did today was text diane to see if HER left left hurt half as much as MINE.

she says no.

damn that heel hook!!!

damn it to hell, I say.

fret none about the ribs, buddy...that climb'll be set up again (and again and again)...

it's on my list.

heal fast!

JenBob said...

That's correct. It's a flicker. A female to be exact.