Monday, February 25, 2008

Staying Inside The Lines...

My rib injury seems to be lingering, and the frustration is setting in. I did get back on the bike, even if it was a feeble attempt. It feels like I am starting over. Of course the weather around here hasn't helped much either.
We have been to PRG a couple of times, it seems top roping doesn't bother me too bad, so at least I can do that.

Other that that it has been pretty uneventful around here. I am hoping to get some easy rides in this week, weather permitting.



huber said...

I busted some ribbige back in my BMX days. It's a tough recovery.

zayne braun said...

as tough as it may be not to climb, i think you may heal better by not climbing. just a nonmedical opinion.

heal quickly,

gwadzilla said...

Oqui said...

Rib injuries do that, they linger. FWIW, I bruised a rib a month before I went skiing for a week. Had some discomfort but the Doc said it wouldn't do any more damage, unless of course I found myself getting intimate with the trees off-piste.