Sunday, March 30, 2008

Riding With The Lion...

Today was my first long mountain bike ride of the year. By this time last year I already had half a dozen 4 park rides under my belt. Better late than never I guess.

The group, Todd, Leo, Jay, and Kurtee, rolled out of the Fair Hill parking lot at a little after nine. Todd set a nice pace and after two hours of the sweet trails of Fair Hill we started to make our way to Carpenter State Park. Kurtee called a day, so it was down to 4 of us. After a brief water stop it was on to White Clay, the trails continued to be fast and amazing. The plan was to head straight to the Judge, and then make our way back. On our way to Middle Run, Todd had to get back so he turned around and headed back. We were now down to 3. On our way to the Judge we ran into L Webb, Brian, Tom and Amy getting ready to head out for a ride. Amy even gave us some awesome cherry oatmeal cookies.

After a trip around the judge it was time to head back. Jay needed to get home, or he was going to turn into a pumpkin or something. We ripped down Shock and Awe, and Jay decided to take the road home, so it was down to me and Leo.
Leo is an amazing rider, at 61 years young, he was riding strong the whole time, did I mention he was on a single speed.

In the end Leo and I rode back into Fair Hill happy and a little tired. It was a great ride with some great people. Now for the not so important stats:

Total miles 48.5
Total chamois time 4:40
Total ride time 4:20
Avg. speed 11 mph

Not to mention I felt pretty damn good today.

Time for beer,

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Val said...

Hi Buddy. I just found your blog on I am way impressed with the mileage of your ride...nice work! I've never biked in PA, but we have tons of trails (and good beer) out here in Oregon. You should check it out sometime, if you haven't already! this link will tell you more about Hood River:
Cheers, and happy trails!