Friday, April 04, 2008

Wow, That Hurt...

With the MASS team relay this weekend my plan was to ride kind of easy. Well that plan went right out the window when I ran into this dude on the trail Wednesday night. I had heard how fast Jeb was riding, but I really had no idea until I chased him up Shock and Awe. That really hurt, but I enjoyed riding with Jeb.

Last night I met up with L Webb and Jeb again for a trip around the Fair Hill spring course. Lauri wanted Jeb to see the course at race pace. Well I am quite sure Jeb's race pace is a bit faster than mine, but I figured what the hell, it is only 7.5 miles. We flew around the lap, I realized one thing, this race is going to go by pretty fast. Jeb and I trough down about a 30 minute lap. I can see him knocking a few minutes off of that.

After that we headed over to meet up with Marc and a crew riding in from his place. Then we found Peaches, E Town and Ted Logic. Those guys did another lap, I bailed after Little Egypt, because I was toast. So I rode way harder than expected, but it was fun. Now I just have to decide which tires to race in the mud Sunday.


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Kevin Deibert said...

do you happen to have any garmin info to share with regards to fair hill course? it would be much appreciated.