Monday, April 07, 2008

It Was not a Cross Race...

Yesterday was the official start of my racing season. Buddy and The Keg Breakers rolled into Marysville for the MASS Team Relay. I like the format, even if it doesn't suit my riding style. 4 people, 4 hours, short lap, do as many as you can. Mike Kuhn laid out an awesome course, one reminiscent of the old Middle Run. E Town led things off, followed by Peaches, Faticus, then myself. Ethan said he went youngest to oldest, I think he went lightest to heaviest, but I am OK with that.

We had a few other teams from the area, and everybody rode well. Like Marc said, it was good to see Rik out racing again. This day also brought Jay Jay back to racing. Everybody rode well and it was a good day.

I did make a few observations that day.

Despite his time off Rik is still really fast.
Despite, or because of, his fewer hours, Marc is still really fast.
Matt Ferrari is faster than me, he passed me on every lap.
Blair has joined the dark side, and realized, steel is Real.
As nice as Tom is, he can be a bully.

Next up, The Bakers Dozen, with Bike Line Rich. I am feeling better and looking forward to it.



Anonymous said...

observation, Buddy is tougher than Iam.


Jason said...

nice. see you at Bakers.