Saturday, May 03, 2008

Building Bridges...

I wish this post was as profound as the title, but it is simply about bridges.

We had a work party at Granogue today, you can register for this awesome race here.

Our job was made easy by iPaul, who pre-fabbed the bridges in sections and brought them out to the estate.

While Paul, Marc, DenS, Nick, JW, and I installed the bridges, L Webb, and a friend took care of some downed trees. Papa Smurf and Kurtee took care of the plowed field and the ladies, Diane, Lisa, and Jill, cleaned up the Gas Pump Trail.

Since the guys knocked the bridges so fast we had time to harass, the ladies.

After all the work was done, we headed out to enjoy the fruit of our labor. The course is starting to come together and should be ready to rock by race day.

Well time to rest up, Michaux is tomorrow.



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